Principal's Message

Principal's Message

"We Are a Happy School"

Greetings to all the parents, teachers & students for the new session (2020-21). Today education has brought Exemplary changes which is inevitable and challenging. Our school, which is set up amidst sylvan surrounding in calm & serene areas, cater to the needs of the society around by uplifting the educational standards of the children.
It aims to impart holistic education with a global atmosphere. The four core values of DISCIPLINE, DIRECTION, DETERMINATION and DESIRE are instilled in their minds & hearts to bring a harmonious blend to their character & inculcate the national spirit which will prepare them to face the challenges of life with equipoise and confidence.
The dedicated and denoted staff adopt innovative, creative & modern techniques to enhance each student’s learning curve by providing a congenial & quality teaching methodology. The school provides the latest technology & gives ample opportunities to students in various co-curricular activities for fulfilling their dreams.

The school sensitizes students on issues like cleanliness, save water, planting & growing trees, a plastic free environment and also developing life skills like compassion, empathy etc.

This would not have been possible but for the timely, support & co-operation of Parents.

May the children grow to great heights in this institution in the years to come.

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing Can be done without hope & confidence." - Helen Keller

With best wishes.

Dr.Manisha Tiwari

Principal VVPS,Ranchi

Principal Message